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Welcome to my blog. I’m writing about my creative profession as graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker but also about what it feels like to be different and not belonging in the country I grew up in. I hope you will find some interesting stuff here that helps you on your unique journey. Let’s celebrate diversity and a different way of life. 

I’m also talking about self-education and how anyone can make a career change through online learning, just like I did. 

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Blog category "Wrong Country"

In this category, I’m talking about what it’s like to live in a country that doesn’t feel like home and speak a language that doesn’t feel comfortable. The project Wrong Country is about spreading awareness to those who feel foreign in their birth country. It’s about not aligning with a certain country’s society and seeking a new national identity.

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Mirko Fabian

Self-educated creative problem solver and entrepreneur. Writing about personal development, self-education, photography & filmmaking.