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19th of August 2023
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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the short films mentioned below. I’m using them only for the purpose of showcasing what I believe are great short films. I do not own any rights to the content mentioned. 

The beauty of short films

What is this article about?

In this blog article, I’m giving my appreciation to those filmmakers who put their passion and dedication to their craft into projects of short films. Talking about why short films are important for filmmakers and why they deserve more appreciation from the general public. 

Not often talked about or given enough credit, but short films really can evoke deep emotions in just a few minutes of runtime. They deserve more resonance and gratitude. The filmmakers put so much effort and dedication into their projects and got too little recognition from the general public. But it’s those talented filmmakers and projects that determine who’s going to be the next big star of a new generation of filmmakers in Hollywood. 

What makes short films great?

Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

They convey a compound story within just a few minutes of time. When well executed they can even evoke emotions like sadness, tragedy, joy, and other emotions that their big counterparts evoke in us over a longer period of screen time. In today’s more and more hectic and time bounded world, we have to be committed when watching a full-length feature film. But a short film doesn’t take that much commitment and yet it can feel just right and evoke emotions in you. Telling a short fraction of a story in a very short amount of time. We’re all aware of binge-watching tv shows and spending hours in front of the tv. It’s a lot of commitment when starting a new tv show. But short films don’t require much commitment. In the few minutes of runtime, the viewer can embrace a whole new story, new characters, and sometimes new worlds without spending hours of their lives. 

Short films have their place in today’s entertainment and should get more recognition on streaming platforms, YouTube, and social media. The beauty of short films lies in the concise storytelling and evoking emotions in a very short time frame. It makes them a perfect “to watch” for breaks or when you don’t feel the need to binge-watch another tv show and don’t want to dedicate much time to a feature film either. Short films tell stories and leave us with emotions and thoughts about some topics they cover. They might be shorter than their feature film counterparts but don’t lack in terms of storytelling, emphasis, or emotional value by any means. Shortfalls oftentimes leave the viewer with an open end, so they can think about what might happen after which sparks creativity. 

Why short films deserve more attention?

Many filmmakers, if not all of the big names in Hollywood started small, with short films and low-budget productions. Even student films either in High school or in Film school play an important role in the career of a director and filmmaker. Short films are where everyone started their career. Who knows if you’re watching a short film of the next big filmmaker right now on YouTube? Filmmaking is the highest art form of storytelling, no matter if it’s a 3h feature blockbuster or a 10-minute short film. Short films can evoke more emotions than we think when well executed. They’re the witnesses of talented and passionate filmmakers who are sharing stories that matter to them with the goal of inspiring other people. Sometimes those shorts can motivate and help people understand themselves a bit better. Movies, no matter how long or short can have a deep impact on our lives when they resonate with the situations we’re in or help us get over something that happened in the past. 

Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

Some examples for good short films

I’ve watched many short films on Youtube to get some inspiration and to explore what’s possible in this very short format of visual storytelling. I stumbled upon a few really well-crafted and touching stories that deserve to be mentioned at this point. 

The English Teacher | Drama

A cohesive drama with a story and ending that has goosebumps guarantee. This short film takes you right into the story and lets you feel what the main character has been through and feels. 

A film by Blake Ridder

If We Love | Drama

Trigger warning for disturbing content. Very impactful story that covers a sensitive topic. Beautifully executed storytelling that goes deep under your skin and spreads awareness about mental health. 

A film by Paul & Arianna Myzia

DON'T PEEK | Horror

Classic horror theme told in a modern and creative way. As an audience member, you’re in the same room as the main character and feeling the tension and excitement of this short horror movie 

A film by Julian Terry


These short films (and many others) show that filmmaking doesn’t require big budgets and fancy locations to tell stories that touch us and we can relate to. This is what makes short films so beautiful and accessible as well when starting out as a filmmaker. Showing their talent for storytelling and starting a career that might be more promising than they think. 

Short films are a part of entertainment that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. There are many aspiring and talented filmmakers out there who produce beautiful stories that aren’t seen by as many people as it deserves to be seen. There are plenty of good filmmakers and short films on YouTube and other platforms you should consider checking out. Embrace this format of storytelling and give them some love. They deserve to get recognized.

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