Mirko Fabian


Client Work

Monat healthcare and beauty products

Product Photography | December 2023

Shooting product and commercial stills for a brand ambassador for the company Monat.

Handmade Red Bonsai Tree with lights

Product Photography | December 2023

Taking photos of a local artist creation for the sake of selling the product online. 

Fashion Show at Paradiso Receptions

Fashion Photography | October 2023

Shooting a fashion show event with another photographer. While my task was to mostly shoot video I took a few shots of the models. 

Nomads Sydney

Real Estate Photography | April 2023

The Client was looking for professional photos of their rooms for social media purposes.  I then got the chance to shoot their events as well, producing videos for TikTok. Shooting the rooms of the hostel “Nomads” in the heart of Sydney for their social media and general marketing. 

Litshoez Customs

Product/Sneaker Photography | September 2022

I’m collaborating with this young shoe design business. My job is to take photos of their customized sneaker design on their website. After creating a shot list and preparing the sneaker for shooting from different angles I edit the images (HDR and Focus Merge) for customer presentations such as on the web or on print media like flyers and posters. 


Food Photography | April 2022

The Client wanted me to design a new menu card for the fast food restaurant. I was preparing the dishes for a shooting, and shot and edited the photos afterward in Lightroom. Here are a few of the best shots from this project.

Photo Shoots

Portrait shooting "Maria"

Portrait Photography | August 2023

Portrait shooting "Manuel"

Portrait Photography | September 2023

Portrait shooting "Sydney"

Portrait Photography | April 2023

Dog Portraits in the Park

Portrait Photography | September 2023

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