Mirko Fabian

Product Photography

Shedding a light on your best products


Monat healthcare and beauty products

Product Photography | December 2023

Shooting product and commercial stills for a brand ambassador for the company Monat.

Handmade Red Bonsai Tree with lights

Product Photography | December 2023

Taking photos of a local artist creation for the sake of selling the product online. 

Italian patisserie (Sicilian Ciuri Ciuri)

Food Photography | October 2023

The small business “Sicilian Ciuri Ciuri” was looking to get professional shots of their specialties, Italian patisserie and cakes. 

Litshoez Customs

Product/Sneaker Photography | September 2022

I’m collaborating with this young shoe design business. My job is to take photos of their customized sneaker design on their website. After creating a shot list and preparing the sneaker for shooting from different angles I edit the images (HDR and Focus Merge) for customer presentations such as on the web or on print media like flyers and posters. 


Food Photography | April 2022

The Client wanted me to design a new menu card for the fast food restaurant. I was preparing the dishes for a shooting, and shot and edited the photos afterward in Lightroom. Here are a few of the best shots from this project.