Mirko Fabian

Academy Award Atmosphere

While the big stars and newcomers celebrate the medium of film in the Dolby Theatre, it’s the future filmmakers and dreamers who suck in the atmosphere, even when watching the award night from home. 

Watching the Academy Award as a filmmaker

It’s Sunday 5th of March, one week before the 95th Academy Awards. 

The Academy Award aka. “Oscar” is the highest honor in the film industry. For those attending it’s their moment to celebrate their success and enter the ranks of their idols. Enthusiasts and Filmmakers around the world watch the show on their own red carpet in the living room. But what does it mean for them to watch the event? 

I’m watching the Academy Awards for a couple of years now and every year it’s magical. Getting inspired by those who already made it, newcomers and legends alike. It’s not easy to describe that feeling, that atmosphere. But for me, it’s inspiring and wonderful to get a touch of the glamour of Hollywood inside my living room. 

What I love most about the Oscars is the speeches of the winners. Share their stories, expressing their feelings, and what it means to them. Some of them get very emotional, sharing a tragic story along the way to create their movie. Others might share why they become filmmakers. It’s exactly what keeps the “Oscar Feeling” so special and alive even after all those years of existence. 

Photo by Eric Ji from Unsplash

Watching your heroes and idols

Going to the movie theatre, to watch your favorite director, actor, or cinematographer, for the chance of seeing that movie receiving a nomination is part of the process. 

Cheering for your favorite nominees, celebrating them or their companions. It’s a moment when the entire world is holding its breath for a moment, to celebrate one of the greatest, if not the greatest form of art, the motion picture. Filmmakers from all around the world come together to celebrate that particular medium that’s more alive than ever. 

Cinema and the experience of going into the movie theater are always going to be something special, even in times of streaming services. Nothing can possibly emulate the atmosphere of going to the movies. 

What makes movies so special is that it’s one of the best ways to visually tell a story that moves us, inspires us, or gets us really emotional sometimes. 

This to me is the Academy Award Atmosphere. 

Mirko Fabian

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