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Guest in the Gigi & Sagi Podcast

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Talking about my creative journey | Toxic Masculinity | Love & Destiny


I’m a guest in the Gigi & Sagi Podcast with over 1,000 active listeners worldwide. Talking about my journey as creative self-taught, toxic masculinity, and having faith in love and destiny.

I know Lola since we met at a Comic-Con back in 2017. She became an entrepreneur in 2021 and reached out to me a few months after I released my videos about my creative journey. Her podcast is bilingual and because I feel more drawn to English she asked me to be a guest for an English episode. Until that point I was familiar with VoiceOver recording for my videos but recording a Podcast episode was quite new for me. It became one of the highlights in 2021 for me.

I talked about the following three main topics. This gives you a quick overview of what I’m talking about in the podcast.

My creative journey

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Talking about giving up my former job in IT, leaving the company and colleagues behind, to follow my heart. I left in Summer 2020 and started training for a new job, starting a self-taught journey as Multimedia Designer. Since January 2021 I enrolled in over 50 online courses in Graphic Design, Photography, and Video Production. I used the time to fully concentrate on practicing, learning, and building up a portfolio. Including the production of a small video series about my journey, multiple Graphic Design projects, Photo shootings to get the most out of my training.

I’m also talking about the struggles I had getting a job, even applying for mini-jobs, and the rejections I got. But I never gave up, started a small business, and keep fighting until today. Even fighting against the job agency that doesn’t verify all that I’ve done so far, all the courses, effort, and energy I spent. The message I spread in this podcast is that everyone should follow their heart to do the things we love to be doing and everyone can have success as a self-taught. That’s what I believe in, that’s why I’m not giving up. I do Whatever It Takes. Though my way didn’t work out as expected I achieved a small success by getting an internship as a Communications Designer.

Toxic masculinity

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Another interesting topic in this podcast episode was Toxic Masculinity.

It means is the cultural association of men being harmful to society and themselves. A traditional stereotype of men as socially dominant, along with related traits such as misogyny, violence, and homophobia can be considered toxic. The socialization of boys often normalizes violence with the saying “boys will be boys”. While some of the young men don’t even try being a part of this stigma. This leads to more conflicts when those with sensitive and passive personalities have to deal with certain thinking patterns.

Saying that men don’t have feelings or fewer feelings and emotions than women is also not the case. It doesn’t mean we have to expose our emotional side to the whole world. But showing this side to people we care about, people we trust. As friends, family, or when it’s just your partner, it’s okay. If we wouldn’t have feelings, we would be machines.

Showing emotions doesn’t determine that you’re weak, it’s not an indicator of your sexuality and it shouldn’t be reserved to women only. Some guys want to appear so tough, compensating some major mental health issues by how they act and react. There are those macho’s, you know those alphas, only showing strength, angriness, or bullying around.

It’s so stuck in society that men always have to be tough, reckless, and financially successful to be accepted. I think that’s yet another stigma we have to do something against in society. True equality means respecting everyone’s decisions and that it should be called valid when men and women change roles in a relationship or career.

Talking about love and destiny

I’ve ever since been someone who’s looking for true love, rather than just getting into a relationship. I’m still looking for the right woman in my life because casual dating didn’t work for me. It dragged me down quite a while until I decided to stop worrying and believing in destiny.

Why should I worry about something that’s not up to me? Why be stressed about it? Life itself already is stressful enough. Job, friends, family other events in life, to me that’s enough to deal with.

On November 1st, 2020 I started a personal project. Since this day I’m writing one post every night under the hashtag #dearchosenone addressed to the woman I meant to be with. I’m doing this for more than a year now and it has become the most important ritual of the day. Writing someone I don’t know yet sounds quite hard and it is not easy, but I always find something to post. To me, it’s more important to do this consistently. Every single day, until we finally meet.

My motto, when it comes to dating is actually: “Don’t date, trust fate.” You can’t force someone to be with you and chasing to find someone, just to meet society standards and possibly end up in a toxic relationship is not worth all the stress and wasted energy. Of course, it would be wonderful having someone but it has to be someone who understands me. I believe in destiny and trust in the universe that I’m going to meet her one day and until then I’ll keep writing her … Dear chosen one … one day we will meet.

Final words

If you’re interested in this episode or other topics that are featured in this podcast, you can listen to it for free on Spotify or Apple Podcast. Click one of the links down below. Thank you for reading and listening. We’re grateful for your support. Enjoy the show and think about the message we’re trying to spread out, for a better future. Only together we can make an impact in the world and change society for more respect, tolerance, and equality.

Mirko Fabian

Self-educated creative problem solver and entrepreneur. Writing about personal development, self-education, photography & filmmaking.