Mirko Fabian


What about a photo shoot?

Events, Portrait, Real Estate & Automotive

I’m based in Sydney, available for hire at the weekends to shoot your events, portraits, real estate or automotive. Fast delivery of final imagery including professional editing to make your photos look and feel right.

Freelance portrait photography service

Shooting professional portraits such as corporate headshots, traditional portraits or specials. 

Freelance real estate photography service
Hobby and artistic photography
Print on Demand online shops

I’m offering a variety of my best photographs as prints on Canvas. Get the beauty of nature into your home. From Nordic vibes in Sweden and Denmark to the warm and vivid colors of Australia, there’s a canvas for everyone available. Different seizes are available to perfectly match your walls. 

Video by Christopher Kunze

Freezing tide - Canvas

Aussie Tides - Canvas

The Unknown - Canvas

Renewable Energy - Canvas

Puppy Portrait - Canvas

Wrong Country - Canvas

Use my best photographs for your projects

Are you looking for stunning nature photos for your graphic design or other commercial projects? I have taken hundreds of photos overt the years that’ll make your project stand out in a unique way. 

Premium Stock Photos

Use my premium photos for a fair price in your projects. High resolution & pre-edited photos are ready for you.

Free Stock Photos

Looking for free stock photos for your next projects? Check out my free stock photo library on Unsplash.

Free Stock Photos

Looking for free stock photos for your next projects? Check out my free stock photo library on Pexels.

Natural photo editing

Experience the beauty of natural editing with my photo enhancement service. I am specialized in creating stunning visuals that retain the authenticity and natural essence of your photos. Utalizing advanced techniques to enhance colors, tones, and details while maintaining the true essence of the moment captured. Whether it’s landscape, portrait, or event photography, I ensure that your photos receive a subtle and tasteful enhancement that brings out their full potential. Trust me to deliver professional results that breathe life into your images while preserving their genuine beauty.

Photo shooting

Capture unforgettable moments with my professional photo shoot service. I am specialized in creating personalized experiences that bring your vision to life. Whether it’s a portrait session, family gathering, engagement shoot, or special event, I will artistically capture every detail and emotion. I understand the importance of creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere, allowing you to relax and be yourself in front of the camera. With my expertise in composition, lighting, and storytelling, I ensure that your photos tell a unique and compelling story. Trust me to deliver exceptional images that you will cherish for a lifetime. Book your photo shoot experience with me today.

photo by Alexander Wang from Unsplash