Mirko Fabian

Graphic Design

Litshoez Customs

Cooperation with a shoe design startup

Unique Hand-Made Sneaker Designs

Litshoez Customs

"We are the first sneaker customizers in Eckerförde and personalize shoes with passion and attention to detail. We offer a selection of different customs. If this is not enough we design your shoe individually. Customized sneakers, handmade according to customer specifications, waterproof, UV-resistant and slightly scratch-resistant."
Timo Ladewig
Shoe Designer


About this partnership

I'm helping this young start-up business and artist grow by creating marketing materials like posters, flyers, and their web appearance, furthermore using my photography skills to shoot all their products and edit the photos for the web shop.
Mirko Fabian
External Multimedia Designer & Photographer

Product Photography

One of the main tasks I was submitted to was to take product photos of every shoe designed by Litshoez. Creating a shot list to ensure that every shoe is shot in the same way. 

Graphic Design

Another important task was to evolve their branding further, including the creation of a style guide, business cards, posters, and ad banners. 


CLIENT PROJECT – Logo & Branding


Client Project | Branding Design


CLIENT PROJECT – Flyer Design  
Food Photography | Image Video



Motion Graphics Design | April 2022

The Client wanted me to design a new menu card for the fast food restaurant. I was preparing the dishes for a shoot and shot and edited the photos afterward. Here are a few of the best shots from this project. For the digital menu card, the restaurant was equipped with 5 Full-HD TVs and I was challenged to equally arrange the huge menu. In addition to the digital adaptation, I created an analog version that was sent out in the local newspaper. 

The digital menu card

Menu Card Flyer

After creating the digital menu card it was easy to adapt the design to be printed. 

Other areas of this client project




Work as IN-House and Freelance Designer

About Petleo

The PetLEO GmbH is a software developer with the goal to digitize the veterinary market. With their mobile app Petleo has created an easy-to-use interface to not only book appointments for visiting your vet but also get in touch with them directly using video consultation. 

Marketing Material

Using a template as base I developed the marketing material for the customers of Petleo. The package includes Posters, flyers and a stand with a QR Code.

Rollup & Poster design for Conventions

Designing branded material for veterenariau conventions for Petleo such as Rollups, posters, and business cards. 

Social Media Template

In cooperation with Petleos Social Media Manager, I developed a strategic template design for Instagram posts and stories. This helps the company sustain consistency and more clearance in terms of the different topics Petleo is posting about. 

Sushi Ritual

CASE STUDY – Logo & Branding


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Roman Pizza Point

CASE STUDY – UI Design for an app

Roman Pizza Point

About this project

Case study for an Italian restaurant app, including a menu card, booking interface and inside look of the restaurant. Combining modern UI with ancient elements of the ancient roman empire. Neither the app nor the restaurant really exists. ​​​​​​​Using stock photography from pexels for the main screen elements. For the textures I’ve used my own photography, to contain an ancient flair to the design. 

The restaurant

Roman Pizza Point

The restaurant is located in the centre of Rome, emphasising a unique atmosphere with the most delicious Pizzas the city has to offer. They are specialised in pizza, always trying out new recipes and coming up with creations like a strawberry pizza. 
In 2021 the restaurant decided to enhance the experience of their guests by developing an app that makes it easy to book a table a pre-order the meals. The mission of the app is to deliver the same feeling the guests have in the restaurant. The goal was to build a bridge between ancient and modern. 

Welcome to the Roman Pizza Point app

Booking a table

How to book a table

The booking process follows just three steps. First choose your date and time, on the next screen you’re able to see every table available at this time. By tapping on CONTINUE you’ll get a summary of your booking. On this final screen, you can leave a personal note to the restaurant. 
Do you have any allergies? Or would you like to pre-order your meal? Let the chef know what matters to you. At the end are options to create an event and add this to your calendar or send this summary via e-mail. This is how you book a table, it takes just a few steps and you don’t have to worry about anything else. 

Styleguide for "Roman Pizza Point"​​​​​​​