Mirko Fabian

Trees planted
Square m of flower meadow created

The flower meadow project

In 2022 I decided to use some of the lawn and turn it into flower meadows. This is a brief description of the steps necessary to repair the soil for planting the flowers that shall build a home for insects like bees and butterflies. 

Before ploughing


The land that was intended to become a flower meadow was lawn. I basically enhanced the area quite a bit by cutting the embankment next to the neighbor’s field. Raking the earth from it onto the area. 

Next up I used my Ferguson TEA-20 and a tiny plow to turn over the ground and prepare it for the next steps. Though it was more difficult than expected with this implement, I needed to go through the ground multiple times to end up with the result in the next image …

After ploughing

Preparing the soil

Since the result was worse than expected I needed to pull out the sods by hand. 

After removing the sods, it was time to rake the rough soil so that seeding can begin. The overall time of preparation took several days. It was much harder than originally expected, but I had a clear goal in mind. 

After ploughing

Watering daily

Now it was time to spread the seeds onto the soil and rake it in. 

It was important in the first step after seeding to keep the soil moist in the first 3-4 weeks until the seeds begin to sprout.

May 2022

June 2022