Mirko Fabian

Dear Chosen One


Writing one message to my future partner

I believe in fate, that there is someone on this earth we’re meant to be with and that we’ll find each other at the right moment. We haven’t met yet, but I’m sending these messages to her because I believe …
one day we’ll meet.

"Don't date, trust fate."

What I believe in ...

true love and destiny. Equality in a modern relationship. We’ll find the person we’re meant to be with at the right time at the right place. Chasing after someone doesn’t work. By letting go and trusting in the universe we send out positive vibes and sooner or later they’ll attract the right one … the Chosen One.

Being honest from the very beginning, writing the first sentence is crucial for a happy and stable relationship.

Silhouette of a man forming a heart with his hands against the sun

What it's like to be single today?

It’s not a matter of course nowadays to be in a relationship at a certain age. We’re more connected than ever, but this doesn’t mean it’s easier to find a partner. On contrary, it’s more difficult than ever. So many young people are pressured by family and society to get into a relationship, without being aware of the long-term mental consequences.

Going against the grain

I decided to leave all the stress and worries of this topic behind. Instead, I started to believe when there’s someone out there whom I meant to be with, we’ll meet one day. On November 1st I began writing one post on Twitter every single day. Sending out a message not only to my future partner but also showing that there are still people in the 21st century who believe in true love and destiny.

One year

After doing these posts for more than a year, I decided to create a video that hopefully transfers the message behind it. With everything in life consistency is key to success and happiness, that’s why I’ll never give up doing these posts until we finally meet.

Being consistent

When hitting the mark of 500 posts I realized how difficult it is to find something I haven’t posted already. But I see it as my duty, my proof that I believe she’s out there to continue. Even if I repeat myself over and over again, I won’t stop until we finally met.

The values I share in a relationship





Dear Chosen One Playlist

Over time I created a playlist that contains songs I refer to her. When I’m adding a new song to this list I write it in my daily posts as well. To me, music is such an important element of my life. However, I’m not a musician, unfortunately. But I’m planning on learning an instrument and writing songs. I’m hoping to finish the song that I have in mind before we meet.

  • AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME – Backstreet Boys
  • MY FAULT – Imagine Dragons
  • FOR ALTID – Medina
  • KISS YOU UP – Miranda Cosgrove
  • HIGH MAINTENANCE – Miranda Cosgrove
  • YOU AND I (feat. Skye Edwards) – Will Bates
  • SONG 2 YOU (feat. Leon Thomas) – Victorious Cast
  • IN YOUR ARMS – Stanfour
  • HAVEN’T MET YOU YET – Michael Bublé
  • I BELIEVE IN YOU – Michael Bublé
  • STAY – Miley Cyrus
  • SOME SAY (Felix Jaehn Remix) – Nea
  • LOVE WILL FIND A WAY – Chorus, Gene Miller & Liz Callaway
  • AUSTRALIA – Jonas Brothers
  • BORN TO BE YOURS – Kygo & Imagine Dragons
  • BY MY SIDE – Mauve
  • One Day – Imagine Dragons
  • Arc – Josh Lake
  • Seven Years – Josh Lake
  • Heart Upon My Sleeve – Avicii & Imagine Dragons
  • What If – Kate Winslet
  • Someone Special – Anna of the North