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Career Change through Online Learning

The online course for everyone seeking for a change

If you’re trapped in a job that makes you unhappy and there seems to be no way out, this course will help you make a complete career change through the power of online learning without getting stressed and lost in the process of learning online.

Transform your career and unleash your potential! Join this online course today and discover the power of career change through online learning. Gain the skills, confidence, and support needed to pursue your dream career. Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. Don’t settle for an unfulfilling job – Take control of your future Now! Sign up and embark on the journey to a successful career change.

About this course

Make a positive change in your life

This course is hand-crafted with valuable lectures for those seeking to make a professional change in their lives. I put my expertise from my online learning into one single course to help everyone making a career change from home without getting stressed.

In the rapidly changing world, traditional education falls short. Embrace the future with Online Learning. Accessible & Affordable: Explore Self-Education Today!

Course Agenda

Chapter 1

  • Importance of clear plan and goals in self-education journey
  • Personal growth and unexpected opportunities through self-education
  • Overcoming doubts and skepticism from others
  • Maintaining focus and seeking support for success
  • Addressing procrastination and recognizing its signs
  • Strategies to overcome procrastination
  • Cultivating self-discipline for long-term success
  • Tips for developing self-discipline
  • Embracing the unknown and facing challenges
  • Harnessing persistence for achieving goals
  • Managing stress and its impact on the journey
  • Recognizing and overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Need for careful planning in self-education journey
  • Overcoming doubts, combating procrastination, and developing discipline and resilience

Chapter 2

  • Setting goals, finding purpose, and creating a vision board
  • Ambitious life goals for meaning and continuous growth
  • Milestones and checking off goals for momentum
  • Creating a list of goals for focus and overcoming procrastination
  • Viewing success as a continuous journey of growth
  • Writing specific life goals and visualizing them through a vision board
  • Accountability partner and breaking goals into SMART goals
  • Taking the first step and staying committed to goals
  • Introducing the concept of 7 Levels Deep to determine one’s purpose
  • Uncovering true innermost purpose through deep questions
  • Vision board as a visualization tool for personal and professional goals
  • Clarifying goals, fostering growth, motivation, and mindset shifts
  • Intentionality, happiness, and connection to different areas of life
  • Improving chances of success and increasing productivity
  • Not giving up and continuing the journey towards success

Chapter 3

  • Autodidacticism as key to success
  • Pursuit of knowledge without guidance of teachers or institutions
  • Freedom to choose what and when to study
  • Formal education equips with tools, self-education empowers individuals
  • Advantages of self-education: empowerment, critical thinking, maximizing brain potential, accommodating learning styles, adapting to self-learning
  • Challenges of self-education: uncertainty, time constraints, lack of motivation, overwhelm, tendency to quit
  • Embracing challenges for personal growth and strength
  • Notable autodidacts who achieved success without formal degrees
  • Success possible through self-education
  • Focus on personal growth and becoming the best version of oneself
  • Dedication to self-education and continuous learning
  • Power to shape own success and fulfillment

Chapter 4

  • Exploration of education and learning options
  • Comparison between formal and self-education
  • Types of online learning platforms: institutions, structured platforms, free platforms, freemium platforms, unstructured platforms like YouTube
  • Online schools, institutes, and universities offering advanced courses
  • Balance between cost and value in dedicated online learning platforms
  • Caution when using free online learning platforms like YouTube
  • Avoiding scams and fake courses
  • Considerations for choosing an education platform: affordability, research, accreditation, total costs, support and course material, course duration
  • Individual preferences and goals in choosing an education platform
  • Importance of thorough research, reviews, and awareness in decision-making
  • Maximizing the value of chosen online learning experiences

Chapter 5

  • Importance of time management and financial awareness in self-education
  • Benefits of effective time management: increased productivity, work-life balance, prioritization, organization, avoiding multitasking
  • Financial awareness: assessing financial situation, creating a budget, tracking expenses
  • Comparing costs of formal and informal education
  • Investment in oneself and maintaining awareness of the financial aspect
  • Staying connected to motivation and passion in the self-education journey
  • Maximizing self-education experience through mastering time management, practicing financial awareness, and staying motivated

Chapter 6

  • Focus on effective online learning, types of learning, and establishing routines
  • Dedication and goal setting in online classes
  • Importance of good time management in online learning
  • Engagement with peers and embracing feedback
  • Taking personal notes for effective learning
  • Understanding different learning styles through the VARK model
  • Establishing rituals and routines for productivity and flow state
  • Optimizing online learning experience through implementation of strategies
  • Achieving goals effectively in online learning
This is the time for those who devote their time to learning online and making a change in their lives. We’re living in a great time where education is accessible wherever you are and whenever you need it. Let's show the world the true power of online learning by making a successful career change. Become self-taught and unleash the power within you.
Mirko Fabian
Mirko Fabian
Course Instructor